Advantages of waffle roof

قالب وافل، سقف وافل

Reduce consumption of steel and concrete

By removing non-structural concrete and creating a uniform performance with the beams and executing the beams in place and reducing the overall structure of the structure, we see the appropriate answers of design software for rebar consumption.

Beautiful view under the roof

Remove joinery in the parking lot

Ease of installation and opening Even after the implementation of the roof

Accurate modeling in design software

Design according to Iranian regulations

Create large openings up to 18 meters

Provide more parking

Better seismic performance

By reducing the dead load of the roof and its direct effect on the earthquake coefficient, as well as better distribution of lateral loads to the members of the lateral load (by increasing the moment of inertia and stiffness of the roof), we see better performance against earthquake forces.

Corrosion resistant rebars

By removing non-structural concrete and creating a uniform performance with the beams and executing the beams in place and reducing the overall structure of the structure, we see the appropriate answers of design software for rebar consumption.

Possibility of executing one-sided and two-sided slabs

environment lover

Removal of durable blocks on the roof (including polystyrene) as a factor of environmental degradation after the demolition of the building and also the recyclability of waffle irons, helps a lot in building an environmentally friendly building.

Safety and speed in execution

Proper resistance of waffle irons makes the executive force to perform reinforcement on it easily and with ease.

Fire safety

By removing non-standard polystyrene blocks (ionolite) (the cause of the spread of fire and the release of toxic fumes during the fire) as well as the smoke closure of the spaces by running the walls under the upper slab of the roof, we will see a safe building against fire.

Vibration control and deformation of the roof

By increasing the moment of inertia and stiffness of the roof and implementing a roof fabric and beams, the vibration and deformation of the roof can be controlled.

Optimal noise control and The acoustics of the ceiling

Possibility of execution in concrete and metal structures

Possibility of execution in the form of flat slabs and Remove the beam hanger

Architecturally optimal use

Creating large openings up to 18 meters and more can increase the number of parking lots and the freedom of architectural design and open space.

Reduce the cost of building skeletons and preserve capital

This is achievable by reducing the consumption of concrete and steel, eliminating the cost of construction and transportation of beams, eliminating all types of durable roof blocks, eliminating joinery in common areas and parking lots.

Many performance benefits and Advantages of waffle roof

  • Less execution error
  • Execution of concreting in one step (preventing cold connection of concrete)
  • Ease of diagnosing executive defects (creamy beams and lack of rebar cover)
  • No need for planks
  • Ease of supplying shear rebars to beams
  • No need for concrete additives (lubricants)
  • Weave beams and do not use welding

In general, considering the advantages of waffle roof, the following general conclusion can be reached:

Advantages of waffle roof

  • On the roof of Hatam waffle using molds Non-durable waffle, integrated ceiling double sided waffle or unilateral waffle without The need for roof blocks and ionolite will be implemented.
  • Possibility to control the quality of the roof and all stages of the work, including planking, reinforcement and joining, etc.

  •  Due to the unique features of Hatam waffle mold, its human error is minimized.

  • Given that all stages of the work can be seen and examined  Executive bugs Minimized and easily removed if there are technical and operational problems Be.

  • Frequent use of non-permanent waffle molds and the ability to recycle molds reduce the cost of the waffle iron.
  • Ionolite removal in this system reduces fire hazards.

    In this system  Due to the ease of transport and execution, the integration of beam concrete with the roof، The high rigidity of the roof and the lack of burying the molds in concrete reduce costs and also increase Earthquake safety and resistance

  • Due to the two-way load on the waffle roof, we no longer need to use double beams, which makes it lighter and reduces costs.

  • In buildings with a volume of pipes There is a lot of installation by placing prefabricated welded metal plates or parts Suitable galvanizing inside the molds before concreting can be suitable supports For installations, installation of hangers and execution of false ceilings predicted that the costs Will reduce the next.
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Advantages of waffle roof

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