Dimensions of Hatam waffle mold

ابعاد قالب وافل 80*80

Waffle mold 80 * 80 to a height of 25

ابعاد قالب وافل 75*75

Waffle mold 75 * 75 to a height of 30

ابعاد قالب وافل 65*65

Waffle mold 65 * 65 to a height of 25

Waffle mold half 80 * 40

80*40 - 80*50 - 80*60
Half waffle mold

Waffle mold half 75 * 45

Half waffle mold
ابعاد قالب وافل یک طرفه

One-sided waffle mold - 65 halves

65-sided one-sided waffle iron with 30 cm attachment
ابعاد قالب وافل یک طرفه

One-sided waffle mold

65-sided one-sided waffle iron with 30 cm attachment

What is a waffle iron?

کانال یوتوب حاتم بنا

Production of waffle molds

قالب وافل
Production of waffle molds - Hatam Bana factory

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Due to the different quality parameters of the waffle roof system and the unparalleled welcome growth, it makes us more committed to be more with the community of engineers, contractors and employers. The type and dimensions of the waffle mold and the use of a two-sided or one-sided waffle roof system are the parameters that we need to explain more so that people who can use the waffle roof can be more aware of choosing the right roof. Important factors in the implementation of the roof itself are the opening and the weight of the roof, both of which depend on the dimensions of the waffle iron, which should be considered by design and accounting engineers in the design of roofs.

سقف وافل ملارد
Molding the Mallard Project
سقف وافل، قالب وافل
Parsa luxury commercial project molding

If one-sided waffle mold system is selected in the design and selection of the waffle roof system, Hatem waffle molds with dimensions of 65 lengths and a height of 25 cm can be a very suitable option. Because both the living room is suitable for roof substructure profiles and it is also used as a decoration in places such as parking lots, corridors, lobbies and public spaces without separate cover. In designing a one-way waffle roof system, the roof load acts like the beam behavior in the block beam system to the opposite beams in one direction and unilaterally, and its load by considering dead and live loads of the roof by transferring load to the opposite beams It is also designed.

قالب وافل در اندیشه
Kaj Residential Complex Project 2
سقف وافل
Mohammadian Residential Complex Project

Disadvantages of block joists

It is necessary to explain that the one-sided waffle roof system with Hatam one-sided waffle mold is similar to the block beam roof system in terms of structural behavior, but there are many differences in quality, which are not without merit. Let us discuss its special advantages here:

1- In the joist system, the bottom foundation block of the joist does not have the same expansion coefficient as its concrete.

2- Concrete heel beam in the workshop environment does not have the required quality and does not have proper granulation and its strength is low.

3- Lack of proper connection between beam concrete and roof concrete.

4- Welding the beam, which is obsolete, but in the waffle roof, the beams are woven together with pins.

5- Due to the presence of blocks or polystyrene, in many cases, the concrete of the beams does not vibrate properly and its executive defects are hidden.

6- Due to the lack of endurance of the block or polystyrene, there are possible executive dangers.

7- In order to arrange the beams and fix them, the head foundation is often broken so that the beams are placed between two opposite beams, which makes the beams of the beam head lack concrete cover and there is a lack of proper concrete cover in that place. Which mostly persuades us to make Hatem one-sided waffle mold a suitable alternative to the block joist roof.

سقف وافل در اندیشه
Hatam Residential Complex Project 4
سقف وافل
Mohammadian Residential Complex Project

In the double-sided waffle roof system, due to the multiplicity of waffle molds and the difference between their technical specifications and dimensions, and the variable qualities available in the market in proportion to the length of the opening, the dimensions of the double-sided waffle mold are important. Some design engineers, with the good relationship they have with some manufacturers of waffle molds, in most cases impose the desired waffle mold on the employer, and the employer, after designing and approving the structural drawings, is forced to use the same waffle mold desired by the engineer. Is a calculator and this causes further problems for the employer. If the esteemed accounting engineers refrain from stopping the sale of their desired waffle mold.

سقف وافل در فردیس
قالب وافل در اندیشه

Certainly, the economic approach is fruitful in the design of the structure and it is recommended that the esteemed employers and engineers of the structural designer, before designing or getting acquainted with the types of waffle molds available in the market and knowing the dimensions of the waffle mold. And technical specifications, select the appropriate waffle mold and consider it in the design of the structure, because different dimensions of the waffle mold have different weights in the design of the roof and the structure. Another recommendation is to do waffle molding on the architectural plan before designing the molding so that the selected molds are suitable with the middle opening of the columns so that semi-molds are avoided as much as possible.

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