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Hatam waffle roof

A waffle roof is a type of slab in which the beams are in two perpendicular directions, on which the slab is placed 5 to 10 cm thick. “Waffle Roof” can be with or without filler parts. Definitely, the waffle roof without filler parts is considered by the community of building engineers and various employers due to its saving materials and not burying materials that do not have a structural role, as well as its unique beauty.

The waffle roof can sit directly on columns (with or without capitals) or on beams supported by columns (hidden or suspended). This means that the waffle iron can be placed in the category of flat slabs or in the category of tirdal system according to the design method. Accurate modeling of waffle roofs in design software Unlike other concrete roofs that can not be accurately modeled has helped a lot in accurate and optimal design. Finally, accurate, optimal design and removal of non-structural concrete, which leads to a reduction in the consumption of concrete and rebar, and accurate and far from error, and a more beautiful view under the roof and fire safety, waffle roof at the level of the first roofs. Has been noticed by employers.

What is a waffle iron?

کانال یوتوب حاتم بنا

The benefits of Hatam waffle roof

Reduce consumption of steel and concrete

By removing non-structural concrete and creating uniform performance with the beams and executing the beams in place and reducing the overall weight of the structure, we see the appropriate answers of design software for rebar consumption.

سقف وافل
سقف وافل

Creating large openings up to 18 meters

Provide more parking

سقف وافل
سقف وافل

Better seismic performance

By reducing the dead load of the roof and its direct effect on the earthquake coefficient and also better distribution of lateral loads to the members of the lateral load (by increasing the moment of inertia and stiffness of the roof) we see better performance against earthquake forces.

Better use in terms of architecture

Creating large openings up to 18 meters and more can increase the number of parking lots and the freedom of action of the architect and create open space.

سقف وافل
سقف وافل

Fire safety

By removing non-standard polystyrene blocks (ionolite) (the cause of the spread of fire and the release of toxic fumes during the fire) as well as the fumigation of the spaces by running the walls under the upper slab of the roof, we will see a fire-safe building.

Beautiful view under the roof

سقف وافل
سقف وافل

Remove joinery in the parking lot

Ionolite removal and double beam removal

سقف وافل

Double sided waffle mold

Double-sided waffle mold 80 * 80 with a height of 25 cm, the distance from the axis to the axis of the waffle beam is 80 cm, and the width of the beam at the heel is 10 cm and at the top is 16 cm, the average width of the beam is 13 cm. The heel and top are a sign of a uniform slope in the body of the waffle mold and help in molding. In addition, the top curve of the beam helps to increase the flexural and bearing capacity. The weight of concrete used with a thickness of 5 cm on the waffle mold is 300 kg / m2 and with a thickness of 7 cm is 348 kg / m2 and the concrete used for the waffle mold is 80 x 80 with a height of 25 cm at a thickness of 5 and 7 cm equal to the slab equivalent thickness. Fillings with thicknesses of 12.5 and 14.5 can be considered.

Sell waffle mold

قالب سقف وافل

Waffle Roof History

Waffle or lattice roof with perpendicular beams in the modern sense and the transfer of load to the sides and the behavior of two-way bearing has long been known to man. In 518 BC, Persepolis was used as the new capital of the Achaemenids. In the construction of the Acropolis of Greece, a waffle roof was used with two-sided behavior, and today the whole world praises this interesting architecture, but in its time, the architects of that time did not value it much.

تولید قالب وافل

Production of waffle molds

Due to the necessity of using new methods and finding a method with high quality, speed, safety and financially competitive with other ceilings, this collection has entered the field of producing one-sided waffle molds and double-sided waffle molds.

قالب وافل دوطرفه

Sell waffle mold

Selling two-sided waffle molds and one-sided waffle molds in different dimensions and sizes is one of our lasting services, which according to the requirements of the design and length of the opening and the type of structural system, double-sided waffle molds and one-sided waffle molds in the desired dimensions with execution instructions Waffle roof is provided to customers and after-sales service and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

مجری سقف وافل

Execution of waffle ceiling

Due to the structure and design of Hatam waffle mold and its execution capabilities, the execution of the internal waffle ceiling is much simpler and easier than other ceilings, and any executive team is able to execute the waffle ceiling easily and simply.

طراحی سقف وافل

Structural design

Waffle mold is the main element and determining element in waffle roof design and double sided waffle roof design and design One-sided waffle roof is very important with the aim of better and optimal architecture and providing more parking and removing middle and annoying columns and creating a roof with a long opening.

مشاوره و آنالیز بها

Consulting and price analysis

Providing advice and guidance and price analysis and technical and economic justification plan for the use of Hatem waffle roof is another of Hatem Bana services.

نظارت بر اجرای ساخت و ساز ساختمان

Performance monitoring

In order to achieve better quality and maintain the national capital of the building and the inclusion of Hatem waffle roof system as much as possible, the monitoring working group will review and monitor the correct implementation of the waffle roof structure, control and record the checklist of construction implementation step by step.

طراحی معماری

Architectural Design

Hatam company, relying on the experience and current knowledge of the world of architecture, to which it is always committed, is the executor of the most special projects and has always tried to provide the best quality in the field of implementation and design of architecture and interior design. “Hatam Bana” company, relying on the experience and current knowledge of the world of architecture, to which it is always committed, is the executor of the most special projects and has always tried to provide the best quality in the field of architectural design and interior design.

طراحی داخلی

interior design

“Hatam Bana” company with experienced and professional staff with years of experience in the field of interior design has tried to create new and unique designs for interior architecture projects. “Hatam Bana” uses the latest technologies, the latest materials and the most up-to-date knowledge in all designs to implement the interior decoration of your home and workplace as you wish and with new ideas.

فروش اسپیسر و پله

Selling spacers and workshop stairs

In addition to the production of double-sided waffle molds and one-sided waffle molds, concrete plastic spacers and plastic plastic stairs are other products of Hatam Bana Company. Plastic concrete spacer to create a suitable rebar cover and plastic stairs are a workshop to facilitate the movement of the building stairs during construction.

What is a waffle iron?

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