What is a waffle iron?

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What is a waffle iron? Waffle Salb (Waffle Salb) is a type of slab in which   waffle roof modes with double-sided beams are in two perpendicular directions, on which the slab is placed 5 to 10 cm thick. These roofs can be with or without filler parts. Definitely waffle roofs without filler parts are considered by the community of building engineers and various employers due to their saving materials and not burying materials that do not have a structural role, as well as its unique beauty.

Mesh ceilings (waffles) can sit directly on columns (with or without capitals) or on beams supported on columns (hidden or with hangers). This means that waffles can be classified as flat slabs depending on the design. Accurate modeling of these roofs in design software, unlike other concrete roofs that can not be modeled accurately, has helped a lot in accurate and optimal design. Finally, accurate and optimal design and removal of non-structural concrete, which leads to a reduction in the consumption of concrete and rebar, and accurate and far from error, and a more beautiful view under the roof and fire safety, these roofs are at the level of the first roof. Have been noticed by employers.

تفاوت قالب وافل یک طرفه با دوطرفه
تفاوت قالب وافل یک طرفه با دوطرفه
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Double sided waffle roof
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What is a waffle iron?

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